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We are all aware of the job profile of a recruitment specialist. But, most of us find the job of recruitment to recruitment specialists perplexing. These specialists find jobs for other recruiters.  But, the burning question is, why a recruitment specialist helps another specialist. In most cases, recruitment companies find candidates on their own, but they take help of rec-to-rec specialists in order to maintain a regular supply of strong and suitable candidates. A recruitment to recruitment consultancy is required for finding great candidates at those times when the client fails to do so.


A rec to rec specialist is responsible for sourcing candidates within their specialty range. These specialists can perform the task because they have a myriad range of contacts within the industry. These specialists are also capable of advising clients on various methods to attract as well as retain experienced and knowledgeable candidates. Perhaps the most effective way a rec to rec agency can help the company is by providing a pinnacle level quality service that cuts down the amount of time the client spends on interviewing and overall hiring procedure. The rec to rec consultancies have a detailed recruitment procedure, so they ensure greater ROI for the relative time and amount spend by the company on the recruitment process.


Most companies assign the task of recruitment procedure to recruitment consultancies because these consultancies have highly experienced workers who have thorough knowledge about the market and candidate selection. Apart from this, companies want to save their time and money on recruitment process and redirect them in their area of expertise. Rec to rec consultancies can find the most sought after candidates in the market and perform the selection procedure on their own.


Benefits to the candidates approaching and available service of a rec to rec specialist:


As mentioned above, a rec to rec consultant has a plethora of contacts within the industry, so the candidate can leverage off these contacts and finalise interviews with some of the best companies in the market. An experienced specialist can guide candidates with the best methods to prepare for an interview and brief them about the company. By advising and guiding the candidate, a specialist gives him a competitive edge over other candidates applying for the same job.


A reliable and genuine rec to rec specialist will take out time to listen what candidates are expecting from the company or job. He can help the candidate with some of the best opportunities available in the market and methods/techniques to grab them. Rec to rec specialists have questionnaires and tests taken by companies while hiring a candidate. They take challenging tests from the candidates in order to prepare them for final interview by the company. In fact, such a process helps a specialist to single out the best candidates. A rec to rec specialist is proactive while dealing with a candidate because he has to ensure that the chosen candidate matches the requirements of his client.

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